Great Holiday Party Tips

December 20, 2017

Tips to Throw a Great Holiday Party

The most festive time of the year has come again, where the invites for parties are scheduled at least once a week. Each filled with beautiful decorations, fantastic food, great company and lots of wonderful memories ! However, this may not always be the case when it comes to the hosts experience.

Hosting your own party usually brings ones stress level from 0-60 very fast ! However this doesn’t always need to be case. Below are a few quick tips on how to have your party running smooth and give you the peace of mind to enable you to actually enjoy your own party!


 Make a List:

As soon as the date is set, a million things tend to race through your mind;  should I invite that annoying co worker? How many gluten free options should I have? Organize yourself and plan ahead, this will help your mind relax and make you able to delegate what you actually need. You will be prepared early in advance, and will assist you when it comes time to shop.


Cook Ahead: 

Do some research and choose dishes that can be made a couple of days before hand.  This will take some of the stress away from you on the party day.. If you’re looking for new recipe ideas, there are many great ideas on the internet that will definitely please everyone. Try to keep in mind any dietary restrictions, allergies and preferences that you may know of.


 Stock your bar:

The holidays are notorious for consuming a drink or two. Whether your drink of choice  be a fun colourful mixed drinks, bubbly champagne, or the always favourite, wine & liquor, The best advice on this we can give would be to have something for everyone and every preference. Keep in mind, not everyone drinks alcohol, therefore having good pop and juices, coffee (decaf & caf), and tea at hand will always be beneficial.


 Set The Mood:

This festive season tends to always fly by, but while they are here, try to make the most of them! For your party, decorations and great music can make or break the mood. Nothing is worse then walking into a party and second guessing whether this is a holiday party, or if you’ve forgotten someones birthday that falls in December. Having the right lighting, fun festive music and a few ornaments and decorations can make a world of a difference when setting the mood !


Kid Friendly:

Be sure that your party is Kid Friendly too ! Nothing worse then hearing your friends children complain about the “Stinky Cheese” that cost you over $50, or them crying to go home at 8:00pm before the good champagne and the chocolate fondue come out! Having food that keeps them happy, and something to occupy their time with will keep both you and your guests happy ! For example, have a table where they can decorate gingerbread men with gum drops and icing, or where they can build their own gingerbread house, to take home. Also having a Hot Cocoa station nearby, or a red fancy juice drink that will make them feel just as special will always be a good idea. Happy children, happy party !

These tips should calm your nerves prior to any party, whether you are attending one or hosting your own. Remember to enjoy yourself this season, stay safe and happy holidays !